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Jiangmen dongji precision sheet metal co., LTD. Is also a professional manufacturer of vending machines in China, specializing in the development, production, sales, management, logistics and customer service of vending machines, the production of various snacks, drinks vending machines, is one of the leading enterprises.









Equipment import and export

Sheet metal business scope includes: a variety of sheet metal parts, metal stamping parts, chassis, case, cabinet, body and other sheet metal processing services; sheet metal, chassis, cabinet, shearing sheet metal, stamping, processing high and low voltage cabinet, computer casing, instrument housing and so on. Powder spraying surface treatment. In stainless steel, steel structure, grid, staircase handrail, flagpole, guardrail, fence, glass door, sunshine shed, driveway shed, lighting roof, rain shed and other welding projects. In the advertising project, the main processing and production of various billboards, outdoor advertising light box, waiting room, billboards and other projects.