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Morning meeting of all staff in Dongji

Morning meeting of all staff in Dongji


Guangdong Dongji Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd.

On the 1st of each month:

All staff are involved in reading the company's ideas, summarizing the core management and the boss's speech.

Business vision:

Become a respected enterprise and well-known brand in sheet metal and self-service industries.

Corporate Mission:

Practice the spirit of craftsmen and provide high quality and convenient sheet metal and self-service products and services for the society.

Core values:

Team, dedication, integrity, enterprising, sharing.

Talent view:

Let every person who has virtue and talent to Dongji have a space to play and a platform to display.

Development route:

Project Department - Business Department - Branch - Group Company trains more people to be their own bosses.

Enterprise purpose:

To seek happiness for employees, create value for customers and contribute to society.