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Plate & Anodize

Electroplating is the process of using electrolysis principle to coat a thin layer of other metals or alloys on some metal surfaces. It is the process of using electrolysis to make the metal or other materials attached to the surface of a metal film to prevent metal oxidation (such as corrosion), improve wear resistance, conductivity, reflectivity, corrosion resistance (such as corrosion resistance). Copper sulfate, etc. and improve the beauty and so on.


Anodizing, as opposed to the principle of electroplating, is to place objects in the anode to oxidize and form an oxide film. This is anodizing. Because the oxide film of aluminum is fine in structure, good in adsorbability and not easy to fall off, a fine oxide film is artificially coated on the anodizing equipment to protect it from continuous oxidation. This is the use of anode.





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1. strong corporate strength


The company has accumulated many years of manufacturing experience, continuous research and development, combined with advanced equipment and scientific technology, the formation of now mature anode plating technology. We have experienced design team and experienced technicians.


2. mature plating process


Metal plate is electroplated and anodized. Mature technology brings excellent products. Smooth surface, with metal color, can adapt to more occasions, electroplating metal hardness, wear resistance, resistance to attachment to improve, and durable, stable performance, fine workmanship.


3. sincere cooperation attitude


We have always been the concept of win-win cooperation as the purpose of service, open-minded acceptance of customer opinions and suggestions, the interests of customers at the top of the list, and sincerely welcome people from all walks of life to investigate and consult.

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