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Sheet Metal 19″ Racks


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Typical Materials

Sheet Metal 19″ Racks are standardized frames or enclosures for mounting multiple equipment modules. The 19″ standard rack arrangement is most commonly used in industries such as telecommunication, computing, audio, video, entertainment and other industries. Custom prototype Sheet Metal 19″ Racks are commonly fabricated with  2-post or 4-post form holds in various types of materials and thicknesses. 19″ racks manufactured by Rapid Sheet Metal may also be treated as assemblies, fabricated with perforated or vented front doors, attaching hinges and gaskets as well as installing castors. Sheet Metal 19″ Racks are typically finished, most often with powder coating. We offer a variety of powder coating colors as well as silk screening, both are completed in-house in order to get you your parts faster. Sheet Metal 19″ Racks are typically quoted within 24 hours of receipt of the 3D CAD data. Parts are shipped in 7 days standard (9 days with a finish), expedites available. To Request a Quote, please use Rapid Sheet Metal easy to use Part Upload Form.

Powder Coating
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