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Sheet Metal Enclosures


Value Added Processes

Typical Materials

Rapid Sheet Metal fabricates many types of sheet metal enclosures, including prototype card cages, custom rack mounts, prototype computer enclosures, wall mounts or any other type of custom fabricated enclosure. We will deliver your custom one-piece or multi-piece metal enclosures to fit your 3D CAD data and specs submitted through our Part Upload Form. Rapid Sheet Metal can also turn your sheet metal enclosures into full box build assemblies using our box build services provided in-house. Sheet metal enclosures are quoted within 24 hours and shipped in 7 days standard (without a finish), expedites available.

     Powder Coating (In-House)
     Silk Screening (In-House)

     Cold Rolled Steel
     Galvanized Steel
     Stainless Steel
     Carbon Steel